What is an invitational tournament?
Science Olympiad invitational tournaments allow Science Olympiad teams to participate in tournaments that do not impact regional or state advancement or rankings, but are often used as tryouts for team members and as preparation for teams that compete in regional, state or national tournaments. These events are held to give teams a chance to perfect their devices, get a feel for the difficulty level of tests and labs, and see a real tournament in action.

I’m a new coach. Will I be able to handle all this?
There is no better tournament to start with. Our experienced staff will work with you every step of the way to make sure you are not overwhelmed. Invitational tournaments help new coaches become familiar with the logistics of overseeing a team at a tournament and build up confidence before the regional tournament. These tournaments also help students and coaches who are new to Science Olympiad or to Division C understand what is expected from them in each event.

What is the level of competition? Is it intense?
With several teams who are frequent participants in the state finals, it ought to be. However, it is a friendly competition, much more than you would typically see in the qualifying (regional or state) tournaments. There is just no better way to hone your team’s skills than to face the challenge of some good competition!

What is the deadline for registration?
There is no particular deadline, and we will keep registration open as long as we have spots left. We do understand that teams sometimes change their plans and want to join late in the pre-season. However, we strongly recommend that you register early. Our experience shows that the tournament could fill up quickly! Also, the sooner you register, the more options you have in choosing the event your team will manage.

Should we wait for our roster to take shape before we register?
If you already know how many teams your school will have, there is no reason to wait any longer, and you may go ahead and register. As part of the registration process, you will be asked about the number of students on each team. This is for planning purposes only, so just give your best estimate. You can always add students to your teams later, up to 15 per team.

Can we register here before we register with our county/state?
Yes, you can. However, the national Science Olympiad requires that you become a registered member of the state and national Science Olympiad program (through your local Science Olympiad) before you participate in an invitational tournament, so you need to take care of that before the tournament in order to participate.

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